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Hello! Come va? Today is national canine Day as well as I’m celebrating Diego with an appreciation post. however first, the hot topic of the day is Running Undies.

I do a Q&A on Instagram stories weekly as well as one in specific is a often asked concern that I couldn’t response so I asked my followers on instagram for their suggestions. The huge concern is:

What underclothing Do You wear for Running?

What underclothing do you wear to run?
I’ve confessed this before on the blog, as well as it’s still true – I don’t wear underclothing while running. So, I put a concern box up on Instagram (follow me @RunEatRepeat) as well as right here are the tips from other runners…

Runner suggested Underwear:

New balance Breath fit together Hipster

Under Armour Pure stretch Hipster

Sweat-Wicking Thongs by Maidenform

C9 Seamless sport short Hipster

Running underclothing for Incontinence & period Leaks

Knix underclothing – they have Leakproof underclothing in different styles. This is one more concern I’ve got in the past = exactly how to offer with running incontinence. Well, this may be the very best choice as these are particularly developed to take in a number of tsp of pee, blood or sweat depending upon the style (up to 8 tsp for the ultra leakproof styles).

You can to shop the styles on their site right here – 

Got a Running or eating Question?

If you have a concern for me – ask! put it in the concern box in my Instagram stories (@RunEatRepeat) published each Monday as well as Wednesday morning. I response them the next day.

Happy national canine Day

I haven’t blogged about Diego in fur-ever! So, here’s an update on my large golden retriever…

Diego Update:

He evaluates about 100 pounds. We don’t overfeed him. He walks everyday. He’s just a huge man as well as I like that.

He’s such a great sport as well as lets me bug him as well as hug him whenever I requirement to. He truly is like a therapy canine in that way.

He likes the guy in my life much more than he likes me. I’m good friends with a few men I utilized to date as well as they like Diego too.

In addition to loving my exes he likes all people. (Come the believe of it… he’s just ‘meh’ about me.) When we’re out on a walk as well as he areas somebody who needs to pet a canine his lil tail wags as well as he tries to pull me towards them.

As I was composing this publish I heard something in the kitchen area – at lunch I’d opened a bundle of turkey meat as well as put it in one more container. Well, Diego grabbed it out of the trash as well as was licking it! ARRESTATO!! He’s typically so good. I believe he understands it’s national canine Day as well as he can be poor young boys forever today.

È tutto per oggi! I have a Disney world Marathon training update coming up next – stay tuned.

Continua così…

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