Non Food Guilty enjoyment

I have a great deal of food associated guilty pleasures…(hence the reason these damn 10 pounds stick around no matter exactly how much I run).

Like whole veggie pizzas, just for me…
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And so much frozen yogurt I would definitely beat guy vs. Food in a YogurtLand competition…

But, I likewise have a non-food associated guilty pleasure…television. I like TV! I look ahead to relaxing as well as watching trashy truth show re-runs on the weekends. I utilized to watch TV while on my treadmill, however since I don’t own one in MD I can’t do that anymore.

Sure, I can watch “The View” at the gym, however it’s not the same. Anyways, I believed I’d come clean with this indulgence that makes me happier, not healthier ?

What’s your non-food associated guilty pleasure??

Unfortunately, there are no great shows on Mondays ? So last night I was stuck watching a random police officer show on cable. however tonight it’s all about LOST.

My breakfast included my latest food associated guilty enjoyment – TJ’s Almond Butter. I like PB, however I am obsessed with this AB. I have never went with jars of nut butter so fast! I don’t share this with Ben either (that is most likely the most guilty part). Amore. AMORE.

Three jars are necessary since 1.) is prepared to be oats or yogurt mess in a jar 2.) is the one I’m currently eating 3.) an emergency jar so I don’t run out!

I topped my oatmeal with a generous scoop of AB this morning. I may or may not have likewise stole a few bites from the container. I inspect as well as rechecked the label to see if there was any type of sugar or fracture that makes this so addicting, however nope.

Run: This morning I woke up bright as well as early to bust out 5.8miles. I miscalculated the path as well as meant to do 6, oh well.  My time was slower than yesterday, boo.

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